March 25, 2015

Our 1st post!

Hello Portland friends, thanks for checking out our blog. I apologize for not posting earlier, the past 4 months have been an absolute whirlwind! Since launching on Black Friday of 2014, we've shipped products to 9 countries and 40 states. It's been awesome to see the support for not only Portland gear, but this beautiful city. Making product is only part of my personal mission with Portland gear, I want people from all over the world to see how awesome us Portlanders really are. 
In starting Portland gear I used my experience in the apparel and screen printing industry to create a brand that was simple, clean, and minimalist. Growing up outside of Portland I've been shaped by Nike and product since a young age. In designing and building the Portland gear brand I wanted to keep the theme vintage athletic. I'm not old, only 24, but my eye for vintage apparel lies in a need for simple and clean. The technology in apparel design wasn't like where it is now, where things can have full color all over prints. Back then it was about 1 color hits, on basic comfortable layers. There's been a big switch in trends over the last year to simple to wear, versatile pieces. You see in high fashion attention to blacks and whites, and simple silhouettes. No, Portland Gear will never turn into a runway brand, but I think paying close attention to what people are wearing now will help us stay on trend and keep creating product that not only stands firm in a aesthetic, but helps create a new identity of the Portland person.
I'm sure you've seen by now that I bought a 1973 VW bus to become the home to PG this summer. I got it from an awesome couple on the east side of Portland who used it for camping trips and exploring Oregon. They're having a baby so it was time to let go of "liquid sunshine" and pass it to the next person. I told them what it's going to turn into and they sounded pretty excited! Currently the bus is getting a brand new custom interior at Dub box USA in Oregon city. They specialize in making custom trailers that look like old VW buses. The interior is going to be super rad, the perfect amount of modern and vintage. It will have a big L shape couch complete with coolers and storage under it. A bumping sound system will play all sorts of tunes inside the bus, and outside while we're at events. The trunk will have a photo booth made from vintage luggage, and the bus will be wrapped in a cool Portland gear vinyl. Can't wait to roll this out and have you all experience it, take photos with, and enjoy!
We've been hard at work on the new spring collection and will be releasing it in the coming weeks. Excited to add a couple colors to our popular designs, and add a few more skus to the website. We'll be doing the look book this Saturday downtown, come and say hello if you see us!


This is the first of many blog posts, and we look forward to you coming back and staying up to date on all our crazy doings. Until then, Keep Portland Weird!

Portland Gear (3/25/2015)

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