Bull & Stash X Portland Gear leather notebook

I saw http://www.bullandstash.com/ on instagram about a month ago and instantly feel in love with the products. The idea of handmade leather goods is something I knew I wanted part of Portland gear since day 1. After looking into the products more I realize how cool the concept was around refillable paper, and having the leather wear in forever.

We all know a good leather takes months to wear in, so having a notebook that would be filled with your ideas for years to come was awesome to me. I want to create goods that give the customers experiences, and products that will stand the test of time. I hope that every time someone writes in their notebook they think of the brand, craftsmanship, and quality. All characteristics I believe Portland does a great job of portraying.

In collaboration with Bull and Stash we created this perfect companion journal, as well as a really sweet packaged refill paper pack. Refill papers will be available on http://www.bullandstash.com/ starting next week. We hope you enjoy your notebook as much as we enjoyed making them.