Portland Gear Bus update

As you saw a couple months ago, I purchased a 1973 vintage VW Westfalia. When I was sitting at coffee during the middle of winter I thought, how could I take Portland Gear to as many people as possible? It's definitely in my 1-2 year plan to open a retail store down here in Oldtown Chinatown, but in the mean time, how could I be everyone, and have something everyone would want to take a photo of and experience. I thought back to Nike, and how they started selling shoes out of the back of a bus. If you know me, you know how much I love Nike and the whole story. I was born and raised right by the Nike world headquarters, and have been obsessed with product, shoes and clothes since a very young age.

I found this bus online several months ago and knew it was exactly what I needed to pull Portland Gear from strictly online and social media based, to experiential, and in front of the customers. I love talking, if you've ever meet me, you know. I love learning about people, what they like, why they buy what they buy, how they heard about us. I knew this bus would get me out and about all summer, and I could better serve the people of Portland and give them a unique experience every time they saw the bus. I purchased the bus and it has since been in the shop getting fully redone. We removed all the interior and will be installing a cool wrap around couch, speakers, cooler, and all sorts of storage. This thing is going to be a summer road trip beast! The exterior will be fully wrapped by my good friends out in Hillsboro, and will showcase some really cool Portland landmarks. Here are a couple process photos of the bus. Can't wait for this to roll out at the end of the month, we have big surprises lined up for you, look for us around all summer!