TILT - Food for the Working Class

What is Tilt?

Tilt is a premium, blue collar inspired restaurant and bar brand based in Portland, Oregon. Priding themselves on handcrafting the finest scratch recipe biscuits, gourmet burgers and old fashioned fruit and cream pies on planet earth.

The Atmosphere

Built in what was once the industrial epicenter of Portland, the pearl district is now a sprawling area growing with young entrepreneurs and businessmen all wanting some bang for their buck. Tilt is unlike the majority of the eateries in the Pearl district, its a no BS, non-minimalist, give me food I’m hungry type of joint. Upon entry, just passing through the doors you’ll see a very large drill from the 1940’s placed dead center, almost used as a way separating entering crowds, and people who just ordered. Once ordered, you have your choice to the variety of hardened steel benches, and very rugged modern styled tables. Everything from the plates, which are metal trays, to the napkins which look like shop towels, this place is built and run like the place it was inspired by, the industrial blue collar working class America

The Building

The building itself just radiates the same distinct nature that Henry Ford himself exuded. Concrete, steel, and assembly lines, built like the foundation of America. Inside are many things going on, to the right is the bar area, which has multiple TV’s so you can watch your favorite events. Tucked away in the corner illuminated by a very large American Flag made of halogen lights is a ping-pong table available to whoever arrives first. This really isn’t your typical upscale bistro that’s located in this area, there are things to do from families with small children, to people that want to just come enjoy a drink after work.

Whats a notable food item?

The WOODY ROYALE is the biggest behemoth of a burger that TILT offers. It consists of a chuck patty, onion ring, jalapeno slaw, slow cooked BBQ brisket, thick slices of bacon, with a nice layer of sharp cheddar. Served with either one of several local craft beers, and a side of their famous beer battered fries, or their new hand pressed cheddar tots.

Pictured: is their Island Trucker Burger, with a chuck patty, sweet ham, onion ring, grilled pineapple, house teriyaki sauce, Swiss cheese, lettuce and mayo. Served with a side of beer battered fries, and their famous spicy BBQ dipping sauce.