September 02, 2015

10 Barrel Brewing

What is 10 Barrel Brewing?

10 Barrel is a craft brewery from Bend Oregon. It was recently launched into national status after being bought by Anheuser-Busch InBev and ending in a bit of uproar by long time fans. 10 Barrel Brewing's new downtown location is still making the same quality beer, and some of the best food in town. The new location on 14th and Flanders is a beautiful modern style fused with local flare.


The Atmosphere

It has a very versatile and eclectic menu that offers choices that appeal to all ages. With a bigger dining area for larger families and a bar area for people who are there for the delicious beer, the building is designed to entertain.

Notable Food items?

The Thai Peanut Butter Burger, yes that's right I said Peanut Butter. It's not unheard of in a city like Portland to hear unusual ingredients in staple foods, however peanut butter on a bacon cheeseburger? This burger ended up being one of my favorites in town. I'm a huge lover of Thai food and peanut sauce, so when I heard they took that to my favorite medium ever I was intrigued. The burger consists of a custom ground hand formed patty, Thai peanut sauce, sambal mayo, pickled carrots, thick slices of bacon, and topped with cilantro. It was incredibly delicious even with the unusual ingredients, but lets keep Portland weird right?

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