What is Lardo?

Lardo is Portland's quintessential sandwich shop. Started by Rick Gencarelli, an east coast chef working in New York and Vermont, his desire to open a high quality food truck lead him to Portland. "Opening a food cart was the best way for me to get to know Portland, and for Portland to get to know me." With three stand alone locations across town I'd say Portland's gotten to know him very well.

The Atmosphere

Lardo has it all, from the lunch rush crowd to the casual by passers and families, the atmosphere is always inviting and warm. Personally, I love sitting by the bar. The craft brews are always on rotation, and the smell of Lardo fries spirals through the air. With lovely deep red paint, wood counter tops, stainless steel accents, and an iconic bulb lit sign that says "Pig Out", the aesthetic is as impeccable as the menu



Notable Food Item

The Double Burger is the crowd pleaser at Lardo. With two patties, cheddar cheese, lettuce, the famous Lardo sauce, and piled on in heaping portions of drenched porkstrami, every bite tastes like gold.

The Dirty Fries are a big hit because they're downright delicious. Unlike how other place are making them, these are made with shaved scraps from previous sandwiches, marinated peppers, Parmesan cheese, and fried herbs, all on top a large pile of hand cut french fries.