November 24, 2015

Stumptown Coffee

What is Stumptown?

With coffee offered at almost every corner in this city it is hard to stand out in such a saturated culture. However Stumptown is noted as the leader in redefining how coffee should be enjoyed by the customers palate. With its original location on 45th and Division in 1999, ST has over eight locations now spreading from LA to NY. 

Atmosphere of Stumptown? 

Urban Portland hipster coffee culture at its finest. The coffee really does speak for itself, I've personally never had a bad cup in any locations. The location on Stark and 12th is my favorite with "coolness" radiating out of each and every corner and with Ace Hotel directly next door, this place is a very popular location among locals and visitors alike.

Notable Item? 

Cold Brew coffee from Stumptown is unrivaled in my opinion. They offer it Nitro, cartons with milk, chocolate milk (my personal fave), and in its signature stubby bottles.



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