December 07, 2015

Honesty Blog

    I love Portland. Over the past year I've worked incredibly hard to build the @portland Instagram community to over 166,000 loyal followers, and create an apparel brand that I'm proud to wear and share. I do a really good job of brushing off negative comments and messages I get like "You're just capitalizing off a popular city" or "Stop trying to make money by monetizing everything." Do I ever sit there and tell you to stop doing what your passionate about, or question what you love? I love Portland and since a very young age and being influenced by Nike, I've loved shoes and clothes. I do Portland gear, snapchat, and @portland everyday, for hours and hours, often at the expense of my own relationships, for you. I want everyone to get to celebrate in this beautiful city the same way I'm lucky enough to do. No I'm not just trying to make a "quick buck", I'm trying to create a lasting legacy I'm proud to pass down to my children about working hard, staying true to what you believe, and chasing your passions with no fear.

To the followers and customers, a sincere thank you. I appreciate you all for allowing me to dream. From buying a old bus and coming to my pop ups, to hosting PDX meet events, you've always showed up and supported! When I see someone wearing the P logo around town I always make an effort to stop them and say hi. I think that feeling is just as cool now as when I saw the first one. Or when people have gotten the P tattooed on them, I mean how cool!

To the haters and passive aggressive commentators, thank you. By voicing your opinion it opens my eyes to things I may not see, and although I don't often agree, seeing multiple sides of everything is something I've come to appreciate with age. I'm going to take a huge risk on myself this year and open a store. I'll post about it on @portland and won't care if people think I'm "changing". I'm proud of what I'm building and hope you all will come out and be part of this journey with me. I truly appreciate you all and thank you for helping me have the best year of my life. -@marcus.pdx



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