February 24, 2016

Jacobsen Salt - Founder series

Ben Jacobsen - CEO and founder Jacobsen Salt and Bee Local Honey

This morning I had the pleasure of visiting the Oregon coast and home of Jacobsen Salt Company. Started 4 years ago in Netarts bay, Ben Jacobsen found a need for quality salt and started the process from scratch. With his prime location on the bay, he uses the highest quality ocean water for the production of his salt and other products. Everything is made in his facility on the coast but his products reach much further than Oregon. Distributed all over the world, Jacobsen's found himself becoming the face of high quality designer salt. With collaborations like Stumptown, Kure and Portland juice, Tea bar, Tree house chocolate, Burgerville, and Williams Sonoma on his resume, Jacobsen salt is here to stay! Give him a follow on instagram @ben_jacobsen and @jacobsensalt. Who wants to see his products in the new Portland Gear store? I know I do!




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