September 11, 2017

The Team

Meet the people that make Portland Gear happen. What started as a one man operation has turned into a four person team. Sometimes we work but usually we just play.

Marcus Harvey - Owner, Age 27

Marcus started Portland Gear in 2014 through the @Portland and @PortlandGear Instagram handles. You can usually find him on his phone or at a Blazer game. IG: @marcus.harv

Eli Abramovitz - Operations, Age 25

In late 2015 Marcus brought on his best friend and fraternity brother from UO. Eli ran a 15k for the first time in his life and signed up for a marathon the next day. We aren't so sure about him. IG: @eliabramovitz

Mack Olsen - Product Director, Age 25

Marcus added his high school best friend to the team in the spring of 2016. Mack doesn't really work, he just finds customers who will play ping pong with him. IG: @mackolsen

Cortney White - Digital Strategist, Age 23

And finally a stranger was hired in the fall of 2016. She's usually on a coffee break. IG: @cortneywhite_

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