Chip Tee

$ 32.95

  • 100% heavyweight cotton

  • High collar

  • Unisex cut

  • Boxy fit

Male model is wearing size large (5'11). Female model is wearing size medium (5'5). Our items fit true to size! Size up for a more baggy/oversized look. If you’re still on the fence, check out our sizing chart.

The shirt’s namesake is an abbreviated version of “championship” (champ + ship = chip). Featuring a classic varsity arch “Portland” and old-school type. The gold ball is meant to resemble the championship trophy.

All online orders shipped using sustainable packaging. ♻️


  • Machine wash in cold water and lay flat or hang too dry. This will help keep your gear the same size and prevent shrinkage. 

  • Wash bright colored gear with similar colors, turn your gear inside out, and be careful of excessive sun exposure. This will help keep your gear the same color and keep prints from fading.

  • Avoid using fabric softener because it coats the technical fabric and inhibits its wicking capabilities. This will keep your gear at optimal performance.

  • Use mild or natural detergent. This will help keep your garments soft and comfortable.

Always check the care and content label for specific information on how to care for your gear. We have laid out the best practices based on the products material make up. Please see images below on where to find these instructions.

 If issues still occur after following these practices, please contact us.

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