Portland "P" Cap - Bouclé

$ 20.80 $ 32


  • Leather adjustable strap

  • 95% polyester / 5% wool blend

One size fits all via strapback.

The cap that started it all. Our original cap features the outline of the state of Oregon cut into the middle of a felt appliquéd “P” on the front. The back is fastened by a vintage strap with a metal latch. Great for cold or warm weather and all the rainy days in between.

"Bouclé" refers to both a looped yarn and the resulting fabric. The yarn is made from a length of loops of similar size, which can range from tiny circlets to large curls. This results in a textured feeling of the cap.

These hats are inspired by vintage aesthetics and the appliqué "P" is laser cut with a slightly burned edge to give it an old-school vibe. These colors can range from white to and off-white with a yellow tinge.

All online orders shipped using sustainable packaging. ♻️

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