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Article: 2 Years in our Brick & Mortar Location!

2 Years in our Brick & Mortar Location!

On March 10th we celebrate our second year in our Brick & Mortar store! Marcus has built a team, now consisting of four others, who believe in all things Portland. Whether its the local artist playing at a dive bar, or a fundraiser with the Blazers, our team does everything we can to dive into what is happening in Portland because it matters. Portland Gear is more than an apparel company, we have built a community around a city that people love and call home. We have created something that captivates audiences of all age groups to bring a feeling of likeness whether you are the 15 year old high school student, 75 year old grandma, or somewhere in between. Walk around town with our staple P cap and someone will undoubtedly start a conversation about it.

We brought life to an old cleaners location, leaving features from the dry cleaners to create a unique in store experience for people who visit. Stop by the store and take a photo with the massive P painted on the wall.

Portland Gear

Portland Gear

We will be having a huge sale to celebrate with up to 70% off our products. The sale will take place March 10th from 10AM-4PM around the corner from our store in the “clubhouse” at 1919 SW Morrison Street.

If you haven’t already joined this community - now is the perfect opportunity.