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Article: Black Lives Matter.

Black Lives Matter.

Portland... We understand the reach of our platform and voice in the community and are not taking this opportunity to use it lightly. Over the last week, we’ve taken time to break bread with people in the community, have hard conversations, listen, plan, share stories as a team, protest, clean up, read, and understand where our actions can have the most impact long term.
We know we need to show up for our brothers and sisters and I’m incredibly proud of members of my team who’ve been at the protest every night in support of black and brown communities, but our impact needs to be deep and meaningful. If we came out with a plan before ever having these hard conversations, it would be shallow and half-hearted at best. Instead, we’re diving in and trying to leave no stone unturned.
In the coming weeks, you’ll see the start of what our actions are going to be to bring about awareness for the racial injustice in our city and our plan to uplift our communities of color.
To start we’d like to shine a light on this amazing video from Self Enhancement Inc and the work they’ve done, and continue to do for our youth. We’re currently collaborating on two projects with SEI and are molding them into something with deep and long term impact. Click the image below to watch and give them a follow!


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