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Article: Portland International Airport Makeover: What to Expect and When It Will Be Complete

Portland International Airport Makeover: What to Expect and When It Will Be Complete

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Portland International Airport, also known as PDX, is getting a major makeover that will take five years to complete. The $2 billion investment is designed to make the airport more sustainable, earthquake-resilient, and welcoming for travelers. The project is being done in stages to minimize disruption to travelers and will be completed in 2025.

The PDX makeover includes several major changes, such as a new terminal building, an expanded ticket lobby, new baggage systems, and a new concourse. The new terminal building will have a roof made of wood sourced from local forests, which will create a warm and welcoming atmosphere for travelers. The expanded ticket lobby will have more check-in counters, kiosks, and bag drop stations to speed up the check-in process.

The new baggage systems will be faster and more efficient, which will help reduce wait times for luggage. The new concourse will have a park-like environment with live trees and skylights, creating an immersive forest experience for travelers. The lattice wooden ceiling will be a stunning feature made from sustainably sourced timber.

The airport makeover also includes updates to the parking garage, which will have new elevators, escalators, and wayfinding systems. There will be a new ground transportation center, which will make it easier for travelers to get to and from the airport. The airport will also have more opportunities for local businesses to be a part of the new airport, including Portland Gear, an apparel brand, which will have a store in the new concourse.

In conclusion, the Portland International Airport makeover is a massive undertaking that will transform the airport into a sustainable, earthquake-resilient, and welcoming space for travelers. The project will be completed in 2025 and will include new terminal buildings, an expanded ticket lobby, new baggage systems, a new concourse, and updates to the parking garage and ground transportation center. We're excited to see the final result and hope you are too!