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Article: 10 Things You Can Do For The Planet From Home.

10 Things You Can Do For The Planet From Home.

1. Have a conversation about it!

  • Involve yourself in community events such as cleanups or rallies to educate yourself and others about the importance of sustainability.
  • Reach out to your legislators and voice your concerns! Find your legislator, here!

2. Switch everyday items in your routine to more eco-friendly options instead of ones that come in plastic containers.

  • Using bar soap as opposed to soaps that come in a plastic container help reduce your footprint. There's a ton of local companies that make artisanal handmade bar soaps, so you can support local small businesses while simultaneously supporting the planet!

3. Use Blueland as a cleaning substitute for harsh chemicals that come in non-reusable containers.

  • Blueland pledges to refill your bottle for just $2 every time. Reuse bottles like this wherever you can!

4. Eco-friendly detergents and dishwashing soaps.

  • Here's a list of eco-friendly detergents and soaps that are sustainably sourced, cut down on packaging, and practice ethical testing.

5. Compost.

  • Start a composting pile! Use any organic material that's brown or green, leaves, branches, twigs, fruits, and vegetables - a great way to cut back on waste! A little goes a long way.
  • Dispose of any extra food you use into a compost bin instead of throwing away. Food scraps that end up in a landfill generate methane gas. Properly composted food waste will produce carbon dioxide, fertilizer for new plants, and a happy place for worms.

6. Pick up trash in your neighborhood!

  • Once a day, once a week even, grab some friends and hit the streets picking up any scraps of trash you see for an hour. It's good for the Earth, and you'll feel good doing it!
  • You can buy a trash picker for under $20 on amazon!

    7. Avoid buying single-use plastic products.

    • Grab yourself a reusable water bottle! Check ours out!
    • Opt to use products that use little to no plastic.
    • Make sure to bring your own reusable bag whenever you shop!
    • Use reusable utensils and straws! Find some great ones, here!

    8. Beeswax wrap to preserve leftovers.

    • Reusable wraps replace saran wrap and provide a fun new way to store food. They're washable and keep your food as fresh as possible. Make the switch today!

    9. Actively recycle!

    • So often do we find ourselves in positions where throwing everything into one bin is the easiest option. The rules for recycling are much easier than you might think! Educate yourself on the rules of recycling so you can make the right choice when you finish your meal!

    10. Save energy by utilizing LED lights and turning off appliances/computers when not in use.

    • Invest in new lights for your house - they're more energy-efficient, especially if you accidentally forget to turn them off (we've all been there)!