Portland is known for it's eventful summers and long rainy seasons. If you get caught up in the rainy season it's easy to just stay in every weekend but that doesn't mean that the action stops around the city. If you're looking for something to do this weekend we've put together a list of options for you and your friends (we will likely be here too).

1. Support our local NBA team and hit up the Blazer's game tonight or watch from one of our local sports bars. Depending on how close you want to sit to the court, you can usually get reasonably priced tickets to the game! If you'd rather spend that money elsewhere, hit up one of the many pubs or restaurants around town playing the game. Some options are River Pig Saloon, On Deck, The Fields, or Spirit of 77 (which will be wild).

    2. Check out La Neta at The Hoxton Hotel this weekend for dinner or drinks. This new hotel restaurant has quickly become popular for the locals. With their main restaurant on ground level, their rooftop bar, and their basement speakeasy -- you've got options.

      3. Hey Love is one of Portand's new hot spots. Stop by here earlier in the evening. Whether you're just grabbing drinks, a snack, or simply going to check out the decorated interior this will be a perfect stop earlier in the evening.

        4. Drop in at one of the music venues in Portland for a show -- the usually range between $5-$12 so take a chance. Some of our favorites are Mississippi Studios, The Doug Fir, or White Eagle Saloon.

          5. Head to the coast for the weekend -- Pacific City is a great little town with a coffee shop and pub right on the beach! They have a massive dune that is fun to climb or you can usually watch the locals surfing.