Are you interested in creating social media content? Do you understand the landscape of TikTok and Instagram? Do you love Portland and want others to love it more than you do?

You’re in the right place. Portland Gear is looking to scale a content creator that specializes in short-form storytelling. For the last year, the brand has grown immensely through creative use of short-form media, and we’re interested in scaling “content creation” into a viable machine that churns out educational, entertaining, and informative content for a growing list of clients around the city.

Please ensure that you meet the following requirements, and apply via the form or link below.


  • Experience / understanding of short-form content creation and execution
  • Deep understanding of the landscape of content consumption
  • Quick work ethic, ability to turn around projects on a same-day basis
  • Project management skills, organizational-centric
  • Team-oriented, take direction, apply revisions effectively
  • Ability to shoot solely on an iPhone

Be prepared to link your best work and why you’re the best candidate. Portland Gear works on a very nuanced quick-pivot basis, and we need someone who can keep up. Starting at six months. If we see fit, you’ll stick around for longer.

Click Here to Apply for the Junior Content Creator Role or Fill the Form Below.