Bus Tote

$ 12 $ 15

Over one year ago, we set out to create one of the best pop-ups the Washington Square Mall has ever seen. Initially the plan was that for November, December, and January, our PG van would live out at the mall servicing Portlanders who aren’t in the immediate metro area.

We ended up staying past our end-date, and through our one-year anniversary! Thank you for your continued support at our third official location.

As a thank you, we produced these limited reusable tote bags that feature our iconic bus. Use them for shopping, groceries, and everything in between. Cheers to one year!

  • Limited run of 50
  • Screen-printed in-house
  • Easily reusable for carrying your belongings!

Thanks for the support, look for the P in a store (or mall) near you soon!

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