Cap'N Coconut - Coffee Scrub

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Organic, Small-batch stoke made in Portland, Oregon

Wake up your skin with Cap'n Coconut Body Scrub. The moisturizing base keeps you feeling soft and sexy, while the coffee and sugar exfoliate and stimulate blood circulation to all your tired spots. 

How to Use:

Massage all over the skin, from your neck to your toes. Rinse off in the shower or remove it with a warm wet towel.


Coconut oil, roasted coffee beans, coconut sugar, jojoba oil, vitamin E oil, vanilla, and coconut essential oils. 4 fluid oz.

Great for:

Deep exfoliation, Shaving prep & post, Uncovering uncomfortable ingrown hairs, Stretch mark minimizing, Stimulation & circulation to assist in cellulite reduction, Removing old spray tans.

A Woman-Owned Business.