"P" Cap Day Collector's Box

$ 89

Introducing the "P" Cap Collectors sets. Four classic "P" Caps, each embroidered with a different iconic bridge. "City Of Bridges" is embroidered over the adjustable strap.

Inspired by vintage sportswear, the "P" Cap's original purpose in 2015 was solely to solve the problem of not having a simple logo to represent love for the city - Los Angeles has the Dodgers cap, New York has the Yankees logo. Our cap lets you show your love for the city without intruding on the rest of your outfit or demeanor.

Now, five years later, it's difficult to walk around downtown Portland and NOT see one of our caps. We're eternally grateful for the support over the last five years and haven't thought about stopping once.

We're offering not one, but TWO collectors sets this year. Each box comes with two caps: either teal and light grey, or burnt orange and dark grey. Due to the extremely limited nature of this drop, you will not be able to mix and match colors.

Each box comes with stickers of all bridge icons, along with a card for an opportunity to win a limited edition "P" Cap Day shirt.

  • St. Johns, Freemont, Steel, and Tilikum bridge icons.
  • Each box hand-numbered out of 200.
  • Limited run, never to be produced again.
  • Discount Codes are not valid on this product.
  • One size fits all.

Thank you for all the support. We love the city as much as you do and will continue to make products to represent that 🌲🌹


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