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Article: City Walks - Graphic Tee Pack

City Walks - Graphic Tee Pack

The other day, a few friends of the brand wandered around the city to have fun and take photos! 

First stop was walking down SW Morrison St. right next to our shop, stopping to take photos at crossroads and the beautiful brick buildings that have been there since the early 1900's. We started shooting during rush hour, so the city was alive with busses and MAX trains fully of people commuting, having a late lunch, and enjoying the Rose City. 

While walking down Morrison, we stopped at the First Presbyterian Church, built in 1890 to grab some photos at their iconic gated gardens. Next, we walked down to Broadway street and and grabbed some shots while the street was clear.

After that, it was off  to Pioneer Courthouse Square to get some fun group pics on the pillars that surround the square. To cap the night off, we walked down to one of our favorite pizza shops, Hot Lips and downed a few slices and breadsticks. After filling up on that, we grabbed a few drinks from our local corner store, Stadium Superette, shooting a few inside as well. 

Sometimes all you need are some good friends and a camera for a great night in Portland.

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