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The Pathfinders Podcast, presented by Portland Gear, delves deep into the captivating stories of individuals who are actively shaping Portland's future. A Pathfinder is not just a leader but an innovator and transformer—a local figure making a tangible impact. Our podcast celebrates these remarkable individuals who represent the essence of the journey from aspiration to achievement. We explore their unique career paths and personal narratives, uncovering the challenges and setbacks they've faced, as well as the invaluable lessons they've learned along the way. Through our conversations, we highlight their significant milestones and moments of triumph, offering a window into the heart and soul of Portland's vibrant creative and entrepreneurial community. Our mission is to inspire and empower our listeners to blaze their own trails and turn their visions into realities, connecting them with the true spirit of Portland's innovation and creativity.

Pathfinders EP: 3 - Twixx Williams

We sat down with Twixx Williams, the visionary behind Pink Beanie Productions, as he shares how he's carved out a distinctive space in the video production landscape. Twixx covers how he inspires and engages the youth of the Rose City, discusses his creative process, and how we all can build a stronger Portland Community. 🌹🎥


Pathfinders EP: 2 - JT Flowers

We sat down with Portland native JT Flowers who now heads up the Albina Vision Trust - JT discuss his experience with schooling, the east coast, and most importantly - his vision for the future of Portland Oregon. 🌆🌲


Pathfinders EP: 1 - Sam Coffey

We sat down with Portland Thorns midfielder Sam Coffey to discuss her story, and everything she loves about the Rose City!  From her favorite eats to her love from the game, Sam's making her own path and paving the way to the future of sport in Portland. ⚽️🌹


"They think big, they take risks, sometimes they fail, sometimes they succeed, and when they succeed, they build really, really dope stuff!" - JT Flowers

"I want to be the absolute best soccer player I can be, on and off the field." - Sam Coffey

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