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Article: Airport Store Announcement

Airport Store Announcement

Portland Gear

I am absolutely thrilled to share the incredible news: WE’RE OPENING A STORE AT THE PORTLAND INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT IN 2025!! This is a momentous occasion that we’ve been eagerly waiting for over six years now and is a massive milestone for our brand that has me filled with pride and emotion!

As a local business that’s been creating high-quality, locally-inspired apparel and gear for Portlanders since 2014, we’ve always stayed true to our roots. Our brand is all about celebrating the unique spirit of this amazing city, and we couldn’t be more excited to showcase it in such an iconic location. It's a dream come true, and I can hardly contain my excitement!

Opening a store in the Portland International Airport is more than just a business opportunity for us; it’s a chance to showcase our brand and city to a global audience. Millions of people from all over the world pass through the airport each year, and now they’ll have the chance to discover our beautiful home and take a little piece of the city with them. I am beyond thrilled to think of all the people we’ll reach and how they’ll connect with our brand.

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Moreover, we see this as an opportunity to contribute to the airport’s mission of creating a world-class experience for travelers. As a brand passionate about providing exceptional customer service and creating an immersive shopping experience, we are confident that our store will help enhance the overall ambiance of the airport. The thought of bringing our vision and passion to the airport and enhancing travelers' experience fills me with pride and joy. 

Portland Gear

We're so excited to be amongst some of Portland's most prestigious brands, businesses, and local restaurants! Kure, Oven & Shaker, Grassa, Columbia, Pendleton, and Straightaway Cocktails to name a few!

As a brand deeply rooted in the city, we’re proud to represent Portland in such a prominent way. Our store will not only bring more visibility to our company, but it will also support the local economy and create jobs for Portlanders. This is not just about our brand, but about contributing to the city that we love and helping others love it just as much.

We’ve come a long way since we first started selling t-shirts out of the back of our 1973 VW bus, and it's a testament to the incredible support of the Portland community. We’re grateful for every single customer who has believed in our brand and helped us get to where we are today. It’s a humbling experience, and I feel blessed to be in this position.

So mark your calendars for the end of 2025 and make sure to stop by our new store the next time you’re flying through PDX. I promise it will be an unforgettable experience and we can't wait to share our passion for Portland with the world!

- Marcus Harvey, Founder

Portland Gear