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Article: Ambassador Spotlight: Benavidez Triplets

Ambassador Spotlight: Benavidez Triplets

This week's ambassador spotlights are: Mya, Zoey & Jordyn Benavidez.

Portland GearBenavidez Triplets || @benavideztriplets

Favorite Portland Food?

"Our favorite food is avocado toast (Lovejoy bakery had the best so far)."

What do you like to do for fun?

"Our hobbies are basketball and making YouTube videos (channel is Benavidez Triplets). Mya is a student athletic trainer, Zoey love art and CrossFit, then Jordyn loves to do Bullet Journaling."

Favorite Portland Gear Product?

"Our favorite pg product right now would probably have to be the black winter coat because it’s that time of the season and it keeps us warm."

What does it mean to you to be a Portland Gear Ambassador?

"Being and ambassador is so fun!  It means we get to represent such an awesome brand that does such great things for our community. Since we have been ambassadors, we have met so many new people, tried new things that we probably would’ve never done and we get to do it with amazing people, that’s why we love being ambassadors! We been with the brand for almost  2-3 years and we don’t mean to sound cheesy or anything but it’s kind of changed our life (in a good way)! We look forward to what PG has to offer in the future! Also, PG has gotten us more opportunities to meet Meyers Leonard!" 

Interested in becoming a Portland Gear Ambassador?