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Article: Earth Day React Pack

Earth Day React Pack

This year we wanted to do something special for Earth Day, so we decided to repurpose blanks that would have otherwise ended up in a landfill! These tees didn't pass our initial quality check due to slight defects. These defects could be small holes, tears, ink smudges, or discoloration, and are typically set aside during the quality check process.

We believe that these imperfections add character and make the garments even more unique. So, we decided to offer three different colored tees with three different graphics printed on them, all designed with a theme of Science, Anatomy, and Happiness. These t-shirts will also feature our purposefully designed "P" logo on the front.

By utilizing these imperfect blanks, we are reducing waste. Additionally, we are creating a product with a unique story and character, which may resonate with customers who value individuality and authenticity. We hope that our Earth Day initiative will inspire others to consider repurposing and recycling in their own businesses and lives.

Portland Gear

Portland Gear