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Article: From Campus to Collection: Portland Gear and the University of Oregon Unveil Nostalgic License Gear

From Campus to Collection: Portland Gear and the University of Oregon Unveil Nostalgic License Gear

Portland Gear

Release Roadmap:

App-Exclusive Early Access: Friday, September 1st @ 10AM

In-Stores & Online: Saturday, September 2nd @10AM

When you wear your heart on your sleeve, it shows. At Portland Gear, we've always believed in crafting apparel that tells a story, embodies a community, and instills pride. Today, we're thrilled to share a project that’s incredibly close to our roots and the heartbeat of our founder, Marcus Harvey—an exclusive, officially licensed collection in collaboration with the University of Oregon.

Rooted in Duck Tradition

Portland Gear

If you've followed us for a while, you'll know that Marcus’s destiny as an Oregon Duck was sealed from birth. With parents who found love at the University of Oregon and years of family memories anchored in Eugene, it was inevitable that Marcus and his sister would don the green and yellow. This collection isn't just inspired by a school; it’s a tribute to a heritage that shaped Marcus and, by extension, influenced the ethos of Portland Gear.

Embracing the Legacy

Portland Gear

Attending UO football games wasn’t merely a family activity; it was a cherished ritual that added layers of meaning to our collective story. As Marcus put it, watching the family grow larger and the team of Ducks fans expand each year has been transformative. It’s these shared experiences and memories that make a community—and we aim to bring that sense of togetherness into this new collection.

A Nod to the Past, A Leap into the Future

Portland Gear

We’ve dug deep into the archives to bring back the vintage UO logo that many of you might remember from your own time at the school or from family photo albums. Reviving this classic symbol is our way of connecting generations of Ducks fans, bridging the carefree days of the past with the excitement of today.

The Journey of Creation

Portland Gear

Creating this collection was a labor of love for us. From the initial sketches to the final stitches, every detail was pored over, ensuring we captured the essence of the University of Oregon while staying true to the Portland Gear aesthetic. This heartfelt journey was captured through a vibrant photoshoot in Eugene and a custom studio session at our HQ.

Ready, Set, Sco Ducks!

Portland Gear

Launching this Friday via our Portland Gear app, this collection is the fulfillment of a dream—not just Marcus’s, but a collective aspiration for all who hold the Ducks near and dear.

Creating an officially licensed Duck collection has been a lifelong dream. And for us, it's a cherished opportunity to weave together strands of nostalgia, community, and school spirit.