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Article: Garden City by Portland Gear

Garden City by Portland Gear

Portland Gear

Plant. Water. Grow. Repeat.

That’s gardening in a nutshell. Easy, right?

It is - if you take into account all the plotting, planting, watering, dealing with weather, bad harvests, and all the ups and downs that come with it.

Gardening is more than just watering some soil and waiting. It’s a process that’s been a part of our history for over 20,000 years. And for good reason too -

A garden is at it’s best when every seed is tended too. When they’re planted near similar plants for support as they grow up and out of the ground.

A garden flourishes when the harvest feeds everyone, and everyone knows that there’s more on the way.

In a similar way, Portland is at its best when, like a garden, we grow together. When we all support one another on the way up, and when we can be ourselves.

We’re the seeds, and our city is the garden.

We’re all better when we grow together.

After all - roses have to come from somewhere, right?