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Article: Online Anniversary Sale 2021

Online Anniversary Sale 2021


Portland Gear

Sale starts Saturday, March 6th @ 10:00 AM.
Sale ends March 14th @ 11:59 PM.
Up to 70% off all sale products.
Exclusive Anniversary 2021 gear.
Online only.
The Story of Our Annual Anniversary Sale:

This weekend marks a big milestone for the brand - it's the five-year anniversary of our store being open! Although we can’t throw our normal huge warehouse sale, we have a really amazing lineup of products to share with you this week to celebrate.

After six months of doing pop-ups around Portland in our iconic 1973 VW Westfalia, people started to ask “where’s your store located?” to which I’d reply “you’re looking at it for now, but do you think we should open a real one?” Person after person kept asking which made me realize we might just have enough demand to open a spot of our own.

Without knowing much about retail, there are a few variables: price per foot, location, and availability. As we started looking for a space, NW 23rd was obviously high on our list, as I knew this was a place Portlanders liked to spend their time. After seeing rent prices, I quickly realized we couldn’t afford that and without knowing if anyone would actually come shop, needed something more obtainable.

Knowing our brand was going to be rooted in Portland sports, up popped an old dry cleaner one block from Providence Park where the Timbers play. When I walked in to this 850 square foot location, I instantly knew it was home. The dry cleaner left an automatic conveyer rack which I thought would make a cool and unique experience for customers.

I signed a five-year lease on the space which, crazy enough, we celebrate those five years this weekend. Being 25 years old with a six-month-old brand, signing a five-year lease might sound scary to some, but to me, it sounded like opportunity and a risk I was willing to take. I've bet on myself many times before, and this felt no different.

Since then, we've had the honor of serving Portlanders downtown. The shop has seen hundreds of thousands of customers from almost every continent around the world. We're proud to call it home, and thankful for every single customer who made the dream a reality!

Every year on the same exact weekend we opened five years ago, we host our Anniversary Sale - a spring cleaning-style event, where we discount (up to 70%) items from previous seasons and drops. Shop around, you're bound to find something unique!

Alongside that, we drop an exclusive Anniversary pack, featuring a crazy bold color and new designs that are never to be reprinted again. Grab some before they're gone! Seen here are a few photos of the latest pink icon collection.

Portland Gear