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Article: Portland Proud Campaign - Meals on Wheels.

Portland Proud Campaign - Meals on Wheels.

Earlier this year, when the city had to shut down, businesses - in particular, small businesses were hit hard. We decided to use our platform and see if we could help out. With the launch of our and the support of the community, we were able to sell 389 tees. Below is an explanation of what we did with the money raised.

"Portland is home, Portland is the place we’re proud to represent and share with the world. In the last few weeks, small businesses like ours have been hit hard, and there’s no real end in sight. We closed three of our retail stores and have moved all of our sales to online where even there, it’s just not the same as seeing our customers smiling faces every day. Our new “PROUD” tee is a way of not only supporting us and your city, but $5 from every purchase will go towards purchasing gift cards from other local small businesses which we'll then donate right away to Meals on Wheels People." 

Along with buying gift cards to other local small brands, we were able to cut a check to Meals on Wheels for $1,945. Thank you for your support, this is how we come together to help each other out during uncertain times...