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Article: Sunshine Studios '22

Sunshine Studios '22

In loving memory of Hayden Fredrickson - a young entrepreneur. 

On July 5th, 2020, a float plane collided with another aircraft over Lake Coeur d’Alene, and took the lives of many. Among those were 16-year-old Hayden Fredrickson from Newberg, who we later learned was one of Portland Gear’s biggest fans. When we learned that Hayden had entrepreneurial notions and had dreamed of starting his own clothing brand in Portland Gear’s image, we knew we had to do something. 

We were put in contact with his mother, Alix Fredrickson, who showed us a handful of unfinished designs on his laptop. After a couple of months of development, in January of 2021, we released a line in and remembrance of Hayden called Sunshine Studios. The garments utilized graphics and designs from Hayden’s laptop, as well as our logos and marks - it was the collaboration that would’ve inevitably happened. Proceeds from this line went to Brand Camp - a camp he was planning on attending. With the money raised, we created a full-ride scholarship to be awarded at the 2021 sessions of the camp.

The community’s response was insurmountable. Resonating with Newberg locals and beyond, Hayden’s story was spread near and far, and his legacy was preserved.

So many people were inspired by Hayden’s story that we are revamping the collection this year - Sunshine Studios 2.0.


Featured in this year’s collection are updates to what were some of Hayden’s favorite PG items:

An ombré tee featuring a classic graphic, updated with “Sunshine Wonders” on the back.

His all-time favorite jacket - the Typo Jacket - updated with Sunshine Studios marks, inspired by the ultra-rare jacket that originally dropped on Black Friday in 2018.


Hayden’s ability to light up a room was uncanny, and not so unlike the sunshine itself, hence the name “Sunshine Studios.” Proceeds from this collection will once again be put towards a Brand Camp scholarship in his name, to further his legacy of creativity through entrepreneurship.

Thank you for your support on last year’s line, and this year’s, and for helping Portland Gear be the purveyors of “good” in the city.

Shop and support this collection - (). 

Portland Gear

Modeled by Hayden's cousins, friends, and family.