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Article: Take the Scenic Route 🌲

Take the Scenic Route 🌲

In life, it's easy to stick to the familiar path, following the well-trodden roads that lead us from one point to another. But what if we told you that sometimes, taking the long way home can lead to the most extraordinary adventures?

That's precisely the ethos behind our newest collection: Scenic Route. 

Launching in two exciting parts, the second installment of Scenic Route is set to go live this Friday, July 28th on the Portland Gear App.

Scenic Route Photo Taken at Mt. Hood

Finding Joy in the Journey

The Scenic Route collection encapsulates the emotions and experiences of being in the wild – the feeling of losing oneself in nature, where fears fade, excitement takes over, and the heartbeat of life becomes more apparent with every breath.

It encourages all of us to step out of our comfort zones, face the unfamiliar, and embrace the thrill of the journey.

Portland Gear

Release Schedule:

SCENIC ROUTE PART 1: Available now wherever PG is sold!



App-Exclusive Early Access - Friday, July 28th at 10AM Pacific. Download App.

Website Release - Saturday, July 29th at 10AM Pacific.


So, are you willing to take the scenic route? Are you prepared to venture into the unknown, embrace the excitement, and create memories that will last a lifetime?

Let the Scenic Route be your guide, your reminder that every step, every breath, is a part of the adventure. Whether you're scaling the peaks of Mt. Hood or exploring the rugged terrain of Smith Rock, you'll be equipped with more than just clothing – you'll have the spirit of an adventurer.

See you on the trails!