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Article: The New PDX Airport: A Natural and Sustainable Oasis

The New PDX Airport: A Natural and Sustainable Oasis


As one of the busiest airports in the Pacific Northwest, PDX has always been known for its innovative designs and sustainable practices. The new PDX airport takes that to the next level with its focus on creating a natural and sustainable oasis for travelers. The new design features an abundance of natural light, greenery, and timber throughout the airport, making it a welcoming and calming space.

One of the most striking elements of the new PDX airport is its use of massive skylights and large windows. These design features flood the airport with natural light, making it feel open and airy. The skylights also have a functional purpose: they are fitted with solar panels to generate renewable energy, furthering PDX's commitment to sustainability. The windows provide breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape, giving travelers a glimpse of the Pacific Northwest's natural beauty even before they step outside.

The airport's design is heavily influenced by the natural environment surrounding Portland, with a Pacific Northwest feel that is immersive and authentic. The airport's public spaces have been designed to feel like an extension of the surrounding landscape, with greenery and timber elements throughout. Live trees have been planted throughout the airport, creating a park-like environment that invites travelers to relax and unwind.

The lattice wooden ceiling is one of the most impressive design elements of the new PDX airport. The story of the ceiling begins in local forests, where sustainable timber was sourced for the project. The result is a stunning wooden lattice ceiling that is both functional and visually striking.

The new PDX airport has been designed to be earthquake resilient, with the addition of seismic upgrades throughout the airport. This is an important consideration for an airport located in an earthquake-prone region like Portland.

In conclusion, the new PDX airport is a natural and sustainable oasis that showcases the beauty of the Pacific Northwest. With its emphasis on natural light, greenery, and timber, the airport is a calming and welcoming space that reflects the values of Portland. The airport's innovative designs, such as its massive skylights and lattice wooden ceiling, are functional and visually stunning. The new PDX airport is a true testament to Portland's commitment to sustainability and innovation.