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License Plate Cover

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Rock the shape of Oregon to go around your license plate. It's laser-cut from 0.080" aluminum, glass-bead blasted, anodized, and then laser etched for the text.

  • Locally Made
  • Metal Frame
  • High Quality 
  • Laser Etched
  • Sold Individually

All online orders shipped using sustainable packaging. ♻️

*Does not come with hardware. Please use existing hardware - may need longer studs. Please note the dimensions (roughly 12.5" x 6.5"): It is not the size of a typical license plate frame, but will fit on most sedans, minivans, SUVs and trucks. But, we cannot guarantee a perfect fit on all vehicles. Also, the Oregon License Plate Frame is made to not block the tags on Oregon license plates, and may block tags for other states (Washington's tags for example, will be partially blocked with this Oregon Frame.) The screws that hold your license plate should accommodate the license plate frame, however longer screws might be needed.

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