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Article: Ambassador Spotlight: Trinity Roraback

Ambassador Spotlight: Trinity Roraback

This week's ambassador spotlight is: Trinity Roraback!

Portland Gear

Trinity Roraback || @TrinityRoraback

Favorite Portland Food?
"My Favorite food place in Portland would most likely be Grassa. I love being able to grab such a yummy bowl of pasta in a quicker, more casual way. My favorite pasta is the Cacio E Pepe!"

What do you like to do for fun?
"My hobbies include staying active through CrossFit and dancing. I also love being able to paint and hike and just exploring nature in general!" 
Favorite Portland Gear Product?
"Obviously, love anything and everything Portland Gear releases but my all-time favorite product would have to be Portland Gear beanies. I love having them for winter and they go with almost anything."
What does it mean to you to be a Portland Gear Ambassador?
"Being an ambassador for Portland Gear is more than just any other ambassador program. Portland Gear has created this brand into a community full of loving and caring people. They have events constantly to spread love and help others in the whole community of Portland. By being an ambassador for Portland Gear we are offered many opportunities to give back to our community while representing a brand that empowers that. It also creates a group of people who are able to bond and share interests with. Overall, I love being able to work with such an amazing team of staff and a group of ambassadors to help benefit Portland and the world around us while having fun and representing such a cool brand."


Interested in becoming a Portland Gear Ambassador?