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Gear and Beer x Wild Friends

January 20, 2017

Last night we had the pleasure of bringing in Keely and Erika of Wild Friends to speak at our monthly Gear and Beer event. We had so much fun hearing their story and tasting all of their nut butter flavors.These two girls brought a fun atmosphere with them and we are so excited to continue to follow along with their journey. From making their first jar on a rainy afternoon in their college apartment at UO, to owning a successful nut butter company, these two girls have had quite the journey over the last 6 years. When they first started making nut butter they never imagined that they would end up leaving UO, starring on the show Shark Tank, and...

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Gear and Beer 2017

January 16, 2017

As we dive into 2017 we are excited to engage and collaborate with even more small businesses, business owners, athletes, and people in the community. In 2016 we launched a monthly event called "Gear and Beer" where we invite a notable business owner or person in the community to come speak. We invite our customers to come engage and ask questions. This allows individuals not only to gain an inside perspective on the speaker and Portland Gear, but also basic operations of starting a business or career in the Portland area. This year we plan host even more individuals to come speak and we invite you to come participate in the event! We host Gear and Beer events on the...

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