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2 Years in our Brick & Mortar Location!

March 03, 2018

On March 10th we celebrate our second year in our Brick & Mortar store! Marcus has built a team, now consisting of four others, who believe in all things Portland. Whether its the local artist playing at a dive bar, or a fundraiser with the Blazers, our team does everything we can to dive into what is happening in Portland because it matters. Portland Gear is more than an apparel company, we have built a community around a city that people love and call home. We have created something that captivates audiences of all age groups to bring a feeling of likeness whether you are the 15 year old high school student, 75 year old grandma, or somewhere in between....

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Blazer Game Night Recap

March 02, 2018

Last night we teamed up with the Blazers to do a Portland Gear section! Everyone who purchased a ticket got one of these Blazer x Portland Gear hats and got to taste our new PDX Pils with Widmer. With the Blazers winning the game I would say the whole night was a success. Thank you to everyone who came and celebrated!  

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