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Article: "Keep Portland Fear'd": An Eerie Encounter with Portland Winterhawks!

"Keep Portland Fear'd": An Eerie Encounter with Portland Winterhawks!

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It's Spookin' Season!

Boo! Just when you thought October was all about pumpkin-spiced lattes and cozy scarves, Portland Gear and the local WHL team, the Portland Winterhawks, are teaming up to add an icy chill to your spine! Welcome to our spine-tingling "Keep Portland Fear'd" collection, where the spirits of hockey and Halloween collide.

Portland Gear

An Eerie Evolution of the Hawk

Ever wondered what happens when a Winterhawk gets spooked? Well, wonder no more! The iconic hawk head logo has undergone a petrifying transformation. Picture this: the fierce gaze of the hawk, now veiled behind the legendary Jason hockey mask. It’s chilling, it’s thrilling, and it’s the perfect way to represent both the city's love for the sport and the spooky season.

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A Haunting Experience Underneath the Veterans Memorial Colosseum

But there's even more thrilling news! The Winterhawks have forged an eerie alliance with Underhill Haunted House to carve out a spine-tingling, multi-themed haunted house experience right beneath the Veterans Memorial Colosseum. That's right, the very arena where the Winterhawks slice the ice will now echo with ghostly whispers and chilling screams. Traverse through haunting hallways, dodge phantom players, and experience the horror of hockey like never before. And after you've faced the spectral side of the sport, come up for a breather with our "Keep Portland Fear'd" collection on display, ensuring you take home more than just goosebumps!

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More Than Just a Jersey...

Hockey jerseys are an undeniable symbol of team pride, but our "Keep Portland Fear'd" collection doesn’t stop there. We've unleashed a series of Halloween-themed garments designed to let every fan showcase their spooky spirit. Whether you're in the rink, venturing through the haunted depths, or trick-or-treating through Portland's streets, this collection ensures you’re doing it in spectral style.

Portland Gear

Gear Up For The Frightful Festivities

Before you skate into the ghostly nights of October, make sure you're decked out in the best haunting gear. The "Keep Portland Fear'd" collection is available for purchase at the Winterhawks' team shop at the Veterans Memorial Colosseum. And for those who prefer a less phantom-filled shopping experience, you can also find this spine-chilling collection at all Portland Gear locations and online. Whichever path you choose, just remember: these designs are limited, so don't wait until the witching hour to get yours!

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