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Article: "Dear 44" by B. Scar

"Dear 44" by B. Scar

In collaboration with NFL linebacker and Portland native Brennan Scarlett, Portland Gear presents ‘Dear 44.’ A love letter to the bus line that took Brennan on his journey through life in North Portland.

 "Dear 44 - I just want you to be here. Then you’re here, I just can’t wait to get there. Just anticipating the destination, never stopping to recognize the beauty of the ride. The sights, sounds, the people. The bumps in the road, the laughs, the cries, the detours. The stops. I realize now that the destination isn’t so important. The truth is in the journey. All that really matters, that we make the ride worth the fare. Just Keep Riding."

A Scarlett Creative Production

Written: @b.scar + @jalen_super_ultra_extra_ladd + @tevin.jordan 

Directed: @jalen_super_ultra_extra_ladd + @rileybrownpdx

Shot/Edited: @rileybrownpdx

Art Direction: @shanistorey

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