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Article: Cherry Blossoms Collection '22

Cherry Blossoms Collection '22

Every year when the blossoms bloom, we do a collection to celebrate the blossoms, the turning of the seasons, and one of the most iconic spots on the waterfront!

History of the Waterfront Cherry Blossoms - Watch Video Here

The 100 Akebono cherry blossom trees were donated by the Japanese Grain Importer’s association in 1990 in order to commemorate the over 100,000 Japanese Americans sent to internment camps during World War II. The trees boarder Old Town, which was previously where many Japanese worked and lived before the war.

In Japan, there’s a 1000 year old tradition called hanami which translates to “viewing of the flowers.” Practicing hanami involves being at peace with yourself as you view the cherry blossoms, and cherishing life and nature through the fleeting existence of the blossoms.

The trees are truly a gift and a sight to behold for the couple weeks that they’re around. They’re a beautiful reminder of our history as a nation, as well a symbol of peace and serenity in a world that could definitely use a bit more of that.


This year's collection is our largest to date! Featuring popular styles from the past such as the Cherry Blossom Centerpiece Hoodie, which was a city favorite last year. Alongside that, we have six other apparel items and five headwear options to choose from - not counting our high quality stickers. Every piece of this collection has it's own unique design. From the classic coastal graphic with cherry blossoms intertwined, to the waterfront tee that shows the iconic bridge and blossom scene down at the waterfront - we know you'll find something you love! Come on down to any of our stores or shop online via our website / PG app.

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