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Article: Portland Gear Gives - Night Strike

Portland Gear Gives - Night Strike

We are launching our Portland Gear Gives campaign this year. Each month we are partnering with a different organization we feel strongly about.

For the month of January we are partnering with Night Strike. Night Strike is put on through the Because People Matter organization. Every Thursday night under the Burnside bridge individuals gather to serve a hot meal, give haircuts, wash feet, and replace clothing for the homeless community in Portland.

Volunteers and the individuals being served are both able to transform each others lives in unexpected ways. This is a great opportunity to serve the community. Portland has at least 4,100 individuals who are homeless or without permanent residency. This number is continually increasing and includes people who are sleeping on the streets, in shelters, or have temporary housing.

Night Strike gives volunteers the opportunity to hear the stories of these individuals or to provide them with warm clothing. This month we are selling our Night Strike tee and the profits will go to benefit the Because People Matter Organization for Night Strike.

On January 25th we will be volunteering with our ambassadors for Night Strike and look forward to the opportunity to get hands on involvement with this organization.

Click here if you'd like to purchase a tee to help fund an evening of Night Strike!

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