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Article: Rachael Rapinoe Pride Collaboration

Rachael Rapinoe Pride Collaboration

We at Portland Gear are thrilled to announce an unprecedented collaboration with Rachael Rapinoe, the iconic former American soccer player and founder of Mendi. Together, we seek to turn fabric into a canvas of unity and empowerment, a vibrant celebration of Pride and all it represents.

This collection has its roots in the profound struggle for human rights. Pride, born from resistance and resilience, still marches for representation and protection today. The collection encapsulates this spirit. Each tee and crewneck sweatshirt bear the evocative inscription, "Until all of us are protected, none of us are truly free," a timeless and deeply resonant message that serves as a call to action for each of us.

But this collection is more than just a statement—it's an agent of change. A portion of the proceeds will directly support The Trevor Project, a pioneering organization that tirelessly protects and uplifts the full spectrum of the queer community. This collaboration, therefore, is an opportunity for you to wear your values, to carry a piece of the fight for equality and love, and to directly contribute to a future that celebrates all identities.

We are overjoyed to partner with Rachael on this impactful project, and are eager to see the collection reverberating through the world, each piece an emblem of shared courage and unwavering pride.

Come celebrate in-person with us and Rachael at Two Wrongs in the Pearl next weekend! 4pm-9pm on July 14th, come celebrate our beautiful LGBTQIA+ community! We’ll be selling our collaborative collection as well, which supports The Trevor Project who is committed to fighting for representation for the full spectrum of the Queer community.

Portland Gear 

Let's remember to stay true to ourselves, stay authentic, and let's uplift each other. With your support, we can ensure that every thread in this collection is a thread that binds us all together.

Stay true, stay you.

Portland Gear Team