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Article: "Give Them Flowers" By Shani

"Give Them Flowers" By Shani

Collection by PDX native - Shani Storey 

"To truly understand my love for love, I’ll start off by saying that I’m a triple pisces! Yes, you read that correctly... and that may just be all you need to know to grasp how much I love, love. With that being said, you can probably imagine how stoked I was when the PG team invited me to collab with them on their upcoming Valentine’s Day collection! What better project for me than the one circled around the romantic, lovey-dovey, cheesy hallmark day of love.

Just minutes after our first meeting I dove straight into finding inspiration revolving around the day; love letters, nah. “memories r 4ever”, no. “1-800-its-LOVE”, uh-uh. then it clicked! what is something that is a universal sign of love? a symbol of love that has withstood the test of time? FLOWERS! a love language in and of itself...

The saying “give them their flowers while they yet live” stewed in my head. You hear people say the saying; wanting to be appreciated while they walk this earth, not just when their time has passed. While I feel deeply connected to the origin of this saying I believe it can be interpreted in different ways.

Giving them their flowers... may “them” being your soulmate or a crush, a family member or friend; maybe just a random person on the street. Giving them flowers... a way to tell someone "I love you" - a way to show your appreciation. Or a simple way to brighten their day." - Shani

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