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Article: Portland Gear Presents: Dress Code - Back-To-School 2023

Portland Gear Presents: Dress Code - Back-To-School 2023

Portland Gear Presents: The "Dress Code" Back-to-School Collection

Release schedule

Part 1:

  • Friday, August 18 - App-Exclusive Early Access (download our app if you haven't!)
  • Saturday, August 19 - In-Stores and Online

Part 2:

  • Friday, August 25 - App-Exclusive Early Access (download our app if you haven't!)
  • Saturday, August 26 - In-Stores and Online

As the summer season fades and the allure of new beginnings approaches, Portland Gear unveils its latest offering, the "Dress Code" collection – just in time for the back-to-school buzz. Set to officially launch this Saturday, August 19th, this collection promises not only impeccable style but also an essence that resonates with each one of us. For those who can't wait, early access is available on Friday, August 18th for app holders.

Portland Gear

The Essence Behind the Collection

It's not every day that a clothing line manages to perfectly encapsulate all the emotions we've all felt during those landmark moments in our lives. However, with this collection, Portland Gear achieves just that. Whether it's the first day of school, a new job, or a special event, the "Dress Code" collection is all about embodying that electric mix of fitting in and standing out.

We believe that the first day of anything is a unique opportunity to express yourself, to showcase your individuality while also connecting with the collective spirit of the occasion. It's about stepping into a new space with confidence, leaving a lasting impression, and creating memories that linger.

The "Dress Code" collection is designed to embrace this duality – the balance between blending in and shining bright. It captures the thrill of stepping out into the world, dressed to impress, whether you're heading to school, a party, a game, or any significant 'first' that stirs those exhilarating emotions.

What to Expect

While the essence and the meaning behind the collection are profound, you can also expect Portland Gear's signature commitment to quality and comfort. From sleek backpacks to trendy tops, this collection seamlessly melds functionality with style. Whether you're a student looking for the perfect first-day outfit or someone gearing up for a new adventure, there's something in this collection for you.

Portland Gear

Mark Your Calendars!

For those eagerly awaiting this launch, remember the dates. The collection goes live on Saturday, August 19th. However, if you're a Portland Gear app holder, you're in for a treat. Get exclusive early access to the "Dress Code" collection on Friday, August 18th.

Celebrate your 'firsts,' make memories, and stand out in style with Portland Gear's "Dress Code" collection. We'll see you there!