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Article: The "BE" Tee

The "BE" Tee

In light of recent cultural and societal events, Wookie Fields, one of our designers, felt compelled to design a tee that speaks out and advocates for more civility and awareness around social stigmas related to Asian-Americans. The unjust treatment of someone based solely off of race must not continue. It's imperative that we unite as a community and recognize that our differences are not something to belittle, rather, something to celebrate. 

My parents dropped everything - their friends, family, career, for an opportunity for a better life: higher and better education, an opportunity to pursue one’s dream, to be in a diverse culture.

But when I look back and reflect on my life, I’ve tried so hard just to fit in; I’ve been un-welcomed, looked down up on, belittled, made fun of, judged, and an expectation that I SHOULD be good at, and that I should NOT be good at.

As an 8 year old kid, I was afraid to eat my sack lunch because of the ‘disgusting’ food that my mom spent hours prepping. 

As a middle schooler, the coaches made a separate team with all the kids in the ESL class because we were physically weak.

As a teenager, I was expected to be a model student with no creativity. 

I believe that sharing a meal with another person is sharing our culture. 

I believe that being a good athlete is 50% God-given physical attributes and 50% mental

I believe that everyone should experience and feel, rather than just reading about it.

We’ve been unrecognized, ignored this for as long as I can remember. Now we are being targeted, living in fear for our safety. 

We want to 

Be Recognized.

Be Valued,

Be Heard.

We must all realize we’re all immigrants. We have to accept that this country belongs to all. We have to love and embrace everyone’s differences.

Please help me, please help us, please help another when you see it happening. 

- Wookie Fields 

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