June 13, 2018


We had a ton of fun planning for and executing our pride collection this year! We were able to partner with our good friends The Gay Beards on a limited edition "Love Tee" and we also created an entire pride line in which we had our friends Hayden, Andrew, Jordan, and Blakely model for. A percent... Continue Reading
June 03, 2018

My battle with Anxiety

I’ve fainted. 4 times, 2 in public. I now struggle with anxiety. Anxiety around fainting. My anxiety comes as a feeling of constant nervousness and worry. I’m restless when thinking of all the events I have, where my next meal will be, my schedule or anything that could have uncertain outcom... Continue Reading
April 27, 2018

WoollyLab Kickstarter Campaign!

Our good friends @woollymade launched their kickstarter campaign this morning! Click below to support what will become the first leather goods online customization project! You will be able to choose the color of your leather, stitching, add names and more.Please give them a follow and help out ... Continue Reading
April 23, 2018

PDX Party Deck!

Tired to trying to get into crammed bar before you go to soccer games? Pre game partying for the soccer games will be happening at the PDX Party Deck! This is located right across from the stadium. PDX Pils and other Widmer variations will be served on tap & there is plenty of space for big g... Continue Reading
April 18, 2018

MLB Baseball to Portland

As a city, Portland has always had a sweet spot for Professional Baseball. We've been lucky enough to host the single A Hillsboro Hops (affiliate - Arizona Diamondbacks) out in 'burbs and the Portland Pickles, a collegiate level ball team that plays over at Warner Pacific. And remember those nigh... Continue Reading
April 02, 2018

Brand Camp - Summer Application!

Brand Camp is a 4 day program where students will learn about branding and entrepreneurship. Individuals will have the opportunity to learn from the Portland Gear team as well as many other Portland based creatives and business professionals. This year is going to be an incredible experience and ... Continue Reading
March 29, 2018

Springtime Patios - Explore Portland

Springtime in Portland is finally starting to arrive. Every couple of days the sunshine comes out and the city comes to life. With people coming out of hibernation, patios are filled across the city. Looking for a spot to sit outside in the sun? Here are some of our favorite patios to soak up so... Continue Reading
March 19, 2018

Sneak Peek at the new Spring 2018 Collection!

With simple, clean designs --here's a sneak peek at a couple of the new products on their way! We have 10+ new products coming to the store. Make sure to grab yours this weekend, March 24th! Continue Reading
March 03, 2018

2 Years in our Brick & Mortar Location!

On March 10th we celebrate our second year in our Brick & Mortar store! Marcus has built a team, now consisting of four others, who believe in all things Portland. Whether its the local artist playing at a dive bar, or a fundraiser with the Blazers, our team does everything we can to dive int... Continue Reading
March 02, 2018

Blazer Game Night Recap

Last night we teamed up with the Blazers to do a Portland Gear section! Everyone who purchased a ticket got one of these Blazer x Portland Gear hats and got to taste our new PDX Pils with Widmer. With the Blazers winning the game I would say the whole night was a success. Thank you to everyone wh... Continue Reading
February 23, 2018

PDX Pils - Portland Gear Beer!

We are stoked to announce the launch of the PDX Pils. We collaborated with Widmer Brothers Brewing and have officially launched our Portland Gear beer. Grab a six pack at your local Portland grocery stores, or grab it on tap at some places around town! If you don't see it, ask the bartender! (fi... Continue Reading
February 19, 2018

Wet Weather Collection

Grab some of these pieces from our Wet Weather collection before they're gone. Continue Reading


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