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At Portland Gear, our commitment to our city goes beyond just a brand – it's a way of doing business. With our "Printed in Portland" campaign, we proudly emphasize the significance of printing the majority of our apparel locally. Based in the heart of Portland, Oregon, we collaborate with a select group of skilled screen printers, embroiderers, and seamstresses in the area, ensuring that our products not only represent our brand but also contribute to the prosperity of our local community. By keeping our production close to home, we actively participate in supporting the local economy, fostering job growth, and sustaining a sense of community pride. Our decision to prioritize local printing not only keeps dollars circulating within Portland but also allows us to maintain stringent quality control measures. With our production facilities right here in the city, we can conduct regular, hands-on quality checks, ensuring that the pieces of Portland Gear that are printed here in town meet our high standards before it reaches our customers. Although this commitment may result in slightly higher costs, we believe it's a small price to pay for the invaluable benefits of supporting our vibrant local economy and creating a lasting connection with our community. Thank you for being part of the Portland community and building a better Rose City!