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Article: Celebrating Beaver Nation: Portland Gear x OSU Licensed Gear

Celebrating Beaver Nation: Portland Gear x OSU Licensed Gear

Portland Gear

Release Roadmap:

App-Exclusive Early Access: Friday, September 8th @ 10AM

In-Stores & Online: Saturday, September 9th @10AM

From Corvallis to Portland, the Journey of a Beaver

Portland Gear is proud to announce a collection that takes us down memory lane—literally! When Wookie, our lead product designer, strolled the hallowed halls of Oregon State University back in 2008, little did he know that his educational journey would one day merge with his creative career. Although different from the origin of our U of O collection, the OSU line still holds deep sentimental value. It serves as an homage to Wookie's alma mater, a tribute to a place that not only shaped his identity but also led him to become an integral part of the Portland Gear family. Just like him, this collection is bold, nostalgic, and infinitely Oregonian.

Portland Gear

Bringing Back Benny: The Logos and Themes

One of the standout features of this OSU collaboration is our exclusive access to the vintage Benny the Beaver logo and the iconic "Beavers" script mark. These logos tap into a rich reservoir of nostalgia and school spirit, resonating deeply with both alumni and current students alike.

Portland Gear

For the Love of the Game and the Game of Life

Being a part of Beaver Nation is more than just attending a university; it's about embracing a lifestyle that celebrates both individual achievements and collective success. From the raucous energy of football Saturdays to the quiet study nights in the Valley Library, this collection encapsulates the myriad experiences that make OSU unique.

The Pano Cap: A Full-Circle Moment

A highlight of this collection is our iconic "Pano" cap, featuring 360º stitching around the crown—a fitting metaphor for a well-rounded education and life experience that OSU offers its students. It's more than a cap; it's a 360-degree view of what it means to be a Beaver.

Portland Gear

Capturing the Essence of OSU

Through meticulously staged photoshoots at both the OSU campus and our Portland Gear headquarters, we've aimed to capture not just the physical beauty of the collection, but also the emotional ties that bind Beaver Nation.

Portland Gear

Our OSU collection is more than merchandise; it's a journey back in time, an embrace of the present, and a nod to the future. Like Wookie, many of you have walked the halls of OSU, lived the Beaver lifestyle, and continue to carry those experiences with you. Through this collection, we aim to make those memories tangible.

Sco Beavs! 🧡🖤