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Article: Creating Saint John: Portland Gear's First Comic Book

Creating Saint John: Portland Gear's First Comic Book

Saint John

Why Saint John?

We love our city, and we love Comic Con. So, what better way to celebrate both than by creating our very own superhero?

A few years back, amidst everything going on in the world, I felt our city needed a burst of positivity. That’s how the idea of Saint John was born—a local hero, by local artists, for local people.

We wanted to tell a story that would make our community proud and show the world what Portland is made of.

The Dream Team

Getting a comic off the ground is no walk in the park, let me tell you.

I connected with Brennan Wagner, a killer artist, to help me sketch this dream into reality. Alongside another talented artist, Dan Schkade, we spent months shaping Saint John into a symbol of hope and resilience for Portland.

This was a passion project from the start, and the enthusiasm and talent from these artists made it all come together.

Portland Gear

The Dark Horse Connection

Okay, we had a cool character and a vision. What's next? Actually publishing the comic!

That's where Dark Horse Comics comes in.

They're right here in Portland and their founder loves the city as much as we do. When we pitched the idea, he was all in. He got the vision and offered all the resources to make it happen. Sometimes, things just align.

Portland Gear

Coming to a Comic Con Near You

Fast-forward to now, and we’re gearing up to launch the first issue at the upcoming Rose City Comic Con. Alongside the first edition of the comic, we’re also launching gear inspired by Saint John himself.

Seeing Portland and its people captured in comic book form is a surreal and beautiful thing.


Let's Share the Love

If you're reading this and thinking, "Wow, that's pretty awesome," then do us a favor—spread the word! Share it on social media, tell your friends. Let’s flood Portland with as much positivity as we can. After all, our city has been through a lot, and it deserves a hero to champion its spirit.

Saint John isn't just a character in a comic; he's a symbol of what makes Portland unique and resilient.

We can't wait for you to meet him.


You can purchase the comic and Saint John inspired gear here. [DROPS 9/23/23]

You can also find us at Rose City Comic Con!